Temporary Worker

Temporary workers are at increased risk of work-related injuries and illnesses for a number of reasons, and this risk is primarily due to their exposure to unfamiliar workplace hazards and unfamiliar work routines. While all workers in new jobs face a learning curve as they attempt to understand the hazards and work practices of their new jobs, temporary workers face this learning challenge on a continuing basis. Temporary workers may find themselves repeatedly assigned to new workplaces where they have not been adequately trained on the hazards of the workplace, on the OSHA standards that apply to that workplace, and on their rights under the OSH Act. 

The training modules were developed under a FY2014 Susan Harwood Training Materials Development Grant (grant number SH-26312-14-60-F-13) from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. The training modules are available as slide decks (MS PowerPoint and accompanying script in MS Word).

Module 1: Course Introduction and Agenda  presentation | lesson plan (small group workshop)| lesson plan (instructor; with answers)
Module 2: Compliance with OSHA’s Health Standards  presentation | lesson plan (student) | lesson plan (instructor; with answers)
Module 3: Safety Hazards  presentation | script
Module 4: Heat and Cold Illness Prevention Planning  presentation | script
Module 5: Ergonomics | script
Module 6: Course Summary and Resources  presentation | script