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Plasma Surgical, Inc.

Company Profile

Plasma Surgical was formed in 1999 by technology leaders inspired by the potential to transfer the principles of plasma physics from the engines used to position satellites in space and apply these in medicine. From this, a new standard in surgery was born – plasma surgery – and with it PlasmaJet, the first true plasma surgery system. This important advancement is helping surgeons perform better surgery and maximize clinical benefits for their patients.

The PlasmaJet system offers a safe and effective means of cutting and coagulating tissue without the use of an external electrical current. Through its patented technology, PlasmaJet has the ability to reduce thermal damage of tissue and decrease the risk of alternate site burns - challenges that can exist with traditional electrosurgical devices. Plasma Surgical continues to develop and advance the unique applications of plasma technology to offer compelling clinical benefits across a range of surgical specialties. We are on a mission to advance care by providing surgeons an energy device that respects tissue where the minimization of thermal spread is essential.

Company Interview on SHARP Designation

Your company has an exemplary safety and health program and illness and injury rate. How did you do it?

As a start-up company, we had the advantage of implementing a Safety Culture from the beginning. We took advantage of the expertise from associates that were instrumental in achieving VPP from previous companies to guide us in the process. As part of hiring process we selected Safety as one of the Plasma Surgical, Inc. key performance indicators and built our interviewing process with Safety as a selection criteria as well as measurement for performance review. Lastly, each associate has a role in our safety programs and are the key success to the sustainability of our Safety program.

What has Tech's value been in this process? Are there any differences that you noticed before Tech, and with Tech's involvement?

The Georgia Tech team proved to be a wealth of knowledge and benefit for directing our company in the right direction. Prior to contacting Georgia Tech for assistance, we were trying to implement the Safety Systems that we all knew from much larger companies, it was overwhelming at times. They helped us to stay focused on the issues that were important for a small company and provided us with training materials as well as consultation when needed. As a small start-up company, Georgia Tech saved us time and money by supporting our business need to provide a safe work environment for our associates.

What does SHARP mean to you, your employees, and the company?

SHARP achievement has set forth the foundation for Safety expectations for Plasma Surgical, Inc. We take pride in our status as one of only eighteen companies in the state of Georgia with SHARP accreditation. To our associates, vendors and customers, we believe that SHARP status supports the fact that our company values the Safety of our associates and our products. Maintaining SHARP is a daily motivation.