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Phoenix Wood Products

Company Profile

Phoenix Wood Products' home office is located in Ocala Florida. We opened our facility in Ashburn Georgia in 2004 and have strived to be industry leaders ever since. We are wooden pallet manufacturer that supplies pallets to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. We employ over 100 employees as a whole and are dedicated to being the best and safest pallet manufacturer you can find by our industry leading customer service, dedication, and attention to detail.

Company Interview on SHARP Designation

Your company has an exemplary safety and health program and illness and injury rate. How did you do it?

Phoenix Wood Products prides itself at being a leader in our industry and we pay very close attention to the prevention of accidents and injuries through a wide range of continuous training and education to keep all of our employees up to speed on the most current safety concerns. Any injuries we do have at either of our locations we use as a teaching tool for everyone at the facility, and openly discuss what happened and why it happened.

What has Tech's value been in this process? Are there any differences that you noticed before Tech, and with Tech's involvement?

Since I have been at Phoenix Wood Products we have been involved in the SHARP program, so I never did get a first hand look at our facility before SHARP.  However I have learned a tremendous amount from Mr. Thomas Dean that I probably would not have known other wise. Being involved in SHARP has actually even honed in the senses of our management team to look for and recognize any issues before they become a safety concern.

What does SHARP mean to you, your employees, and the company?

Being SHARP certified means a lot to Phoenix because we are the only pallet manufacturer in the state to hold certification in the SHARP program, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders and running the safest most efficient business we can.