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Lift-All Company, Inc.

Company Profile

Lift-All Company, Inc. is an employee owned and operated business with 5 manufacturing locations in the U.S., including one in Lawrenceville, GA, and has been in business since 1964.  Lift-All manufactures slings using polyester yarn, nylon and polyester webbing, wire rope, chain and high carbon wire. The manufacturing of these slings includes the use of heavy duty sewing machines, presses, cut off saws, welding and wire forming equipment and yarn processing equipment.

Lift-All headquarters is located in Landisville, PA. Both standard and custom made slings are shipped worldwide through a network of distributors for use in construction, industry, mining, military, aerospace and utilities. A staff of engineers allows Lift-All to find the right solution to difficult lifts and, if necessary, custom make whatever slings are required to get the job done.

Company Interview on SHARP Designation

Your company has an exemplary safety and health program and illness and injury rate. How did you do it?

Lift-All Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing their employees with a safe work environment. Lift-All Company, Inc. has designed a safety program that institutes good safety procedures in order to eliminate and/or minimize the hazard to human health and the environment. A general safety strategy was developed to reflect and communicate the proactive safety attitude maintained every day at Lift-All Company Inc.

At the plant level, including the Atlanta plant, we have a safety training program for all of the employees in regards to safe operating procedures, best practices and environmental controls; which are revised at least annually. Written safety plans that describe safe work practices and procedures and written plans that detail the workplace hazards and procedures for dealing with these hazards are in place, and employees at all levels are responsible for knowing and following the safety practices described.

Employee involvement is crucial to the success of the safety and health program. We have a continued safety training program for all of the employees. The staff members and all of the employees are trained in appropriate safety procedures and this training is documented. We have a safety committee in each plant with a member of each shift and department represented. We meet once a month and conduct monthly plant safety audits to identify and eliminate hazards. The plants share information regularly, and promptly discuss; near misses, incidents and accidents in order to inform and eliminate potential hazards in other plants and/or share best practices.

Employee accountability has also been crucial to our success. Each employee is held accountable for observing and following all the company rules and regulations related to the efficient and safe performance of their work and to report and/or correct unsafe equipment and or unsafe practices and to integrate safety into each task performed.

What has Tech's value been in this process? Are there any differences that you noticed before Tech, and with Tech's involvement?

Tech has been a very valuable resource with sound professionals like Damon Nix and Bob Hendry that have been readily available to provide guidance and instruction to make improvements to our safety plan and program as well as our overall practices. The major difference is awareness before and after. There were certain issues that we were not aware off that were 'discovered' during the plant audit, ergonomics assessment and overall evaluation of our safety program that were corrected and maintained as a result. Remaining compliant with SHARP's  requirements has improved our safety awareness.

What does SHARP mean to you, your employees, and the company?

It has given the Atlanta plant and its employees a great deal of accomplishment and recognition throughout the company and most important has allowed us to keep our employees informed, trained,  aware and safe.