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Company Profile

FlightWorks was founded in 1994, and operates from its corporate headquarters and adjacent airport in Kennesaw, Georgia. FlightWorks has become a trusted leader in world-class aviation services ranging from Aircraft Management and Support, Government Services, Aviation Consulting and Air Charter. We manage a fleet of modern aircraft with world-wide operating authority. We meet or exceed the highest safety standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Defense (DOD), Aviation Industry third Party Audits, and by our own rigorous internal audit guidelines.

FlightWorks is the Southeast’s largest on-demand private air charter and aircraft management company.  FlightWorks is committed to provide our owners, customers and employees uncompromised safety, unrivaled service and exceptional quality. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide a rapid, top-level response to a customer’s requirements or their aviation needs.  FlightWorks is recognized throughout the industry for its technical expertise, safety initiatives and exceptional customer service.

Company Interview on SHARP Designation

Your company has an exemplary safety and health program and illness and injury rate. How did you do it?

Over the past five years FlightWorks has made great strides in reducing reportable injuries and incidents. During the last three years we have had had only one lost time incident and reported "0" recordable events for 2010 and 2011. We maintain an "open reporting" safety culture that allows for an "honest mistake" but we are aggressive when analyzing what went wrong, how we correct the problem and how we prevent it from happening again.  This is part of the broader investment in safety and in our employees that pays dividends in productivity, safe operations and customer satisfaction.

Although our company president is our biggest safety advocate, each FlightWorks' employee has been empowered to make a difference.  Each employee is part of the company's larger safety team and is responsible for its success. When problems develop all of us are part of the solution that gets us back on track, captures and mitigates the risk and keeps our customers satisfied Written within our Vision Statement is the "commitment to being the leader in business aviation services by providing our customers and fellow employees uncompromised safety, exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service." This statement clearly says that our employees are also customers, entitled to the same first class service that is part of our organizational culture and core business.

What has Tech's value been in this process? Are there any differences that you noticed before Tech, and with Tech's involvement?

Representatives from Georgia Tech brought a wealth of information and advice to FlightWorks beyond what we could do on our own and what previous professional consultations had provided. Over the course of the last three years FlightWorks has invested in new training, processes and written programs to improve our safety and compliance but we could not have moved forward without the clear and concise guidance afforded to us through Georgia Tech's consultation services. FlightWorks was committed to discover, resolve and repair all findings. With Georgia Tech’s assistance we brought the company into full compliance within a short period of time.

What does SHARP mean to you, your employees, and the company?

FlightWorks is recognized as only one of the few aviation operators in the country that can provide the highest level of service, safety and satisfaction to our Business Aviation Services customers. SHARP is a unique recognition that affirms to our customers and to our employees that we are serious about safety and that this achievement sets us apart from the competition. Foremost, it means that FlightWorks maintains the safest possible work environment and that each employee has taken part in making SHARP recognition possible because of their individual, "uncompromised attitude toward safety".