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Staff Profiles

Robert "Bob" Hendry

Research Scientist

Electronic Systems Laboratory
Human Systems Integration Division
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0837


Bachelor of Science, Biology
Wofford College, 1989

Employment Experience

Research Scientist, 1997-Present
Chemical Technician, 1990-1997

Current Fields of Interest

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Personal exposure analysis
  • Indoor air quality
  • Green building technology

Experience Summary

  • Developed analytical methodologies
  • Conducted environmental chamber analysis
  • Conducted indoor air quality surveys
  • Conduct laboratory analysis
  • Conduct exposure assessments
  • Developed air filtration media
  • Conduct site assessments for environmental, health and safety hazards
  • Give presentations on a variety of indoor air quality topics
  • Review and edit technical documents.


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  • Bayer CW, Gabram SGA, Vidakovic B,, Sellers N, Hendry RJ, Lund MJB, Thompson, W, Mizaikoff, B (2008) Breath Analysis as a Method for Breast Cancer (BC) Early Detection, ASCO MEETING ABSTRACTS Aug 18, 2008:1522
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  • Bayer C., Hendry R., Fischer J., Crow S., Hagen S., 2002. "Active Humidity Control and Continuous Ventilation for Improved Air Quality in Schools", ASHRAE IAQ 2002 Proceedings, Atlanta, GA.
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  • Baxter, C. M., Ho, S. Z., Browner, R. F., Hendry, R. F., and Bayer, C. W., "Quantitation and Linearity Issues in Particle Beam, Electrospray and Ionspray LC-MS", 46th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Orlando, FL, May/June 1998.
  • Bayer, C.W., R. Hendry, and J. Fischer. 1997. "Control of Occupant-Generated Indoor Air Sources in Small Buildings Through Ventilation System Retro-fit." In Proceedings of Indoor Air-97. ASHRAE & ISIAQ, September 1997, Washington, DC.
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Professional Qualifications/Memberships

  • ASHRAE, 2001-present (Technical Committee Member of TC 2.3 Gaseous Contaminants/Removal Equipment, ASHRAE, 2004-2008)
  • ASTM, 1998-present (Technical Committee Member of D-22, Air Quality, 1998-present)
  • Air & Waste Management Association, 1998-present, 1991-1993
  • Atlanta/Athens Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group, 1994-present
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association, Georgia Local Section, 2008-present


  • "Filters and methods of making and using the same - Polymeric Gel Filtration Media for Removal of Volatile, Semi-Volatile and Particulate Organic and Inorganic Materials from an Air Stream", Patent No. 7,341,618, co-inventor
  • “Systems and Methods for Providing Environment Monitoring”, Provisional patent application, Inventors: Charlene Bayer, Robert Hendry, Mark Lehi Jones, Filing Date: August 13, 2010, Serial No.: 12/867,573