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Susan Harwood Grant Program Training Resources

Training Resources for Sanitation Workers in the Food Processing Industry

This web site contains training resources for sanitation workers in the food processing industry. These learning materials for trainers and workers were developed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Occupational Safety and Health Program through the OSHA Susan Harwood Program. For further information, contact Jim Howry by telephone at 404/407-8053 or by electronic mail at

The train-the-trainer course is designed to be taught in one day. Each topic will be addressed along with associated course materials/resources available to the student/instructors taking the course.

The student version of this course will be a modified version of the train-the-trainer course and will focus on potential hazards to sanitation workers in the poultry industry. The Worker Course is set up as a PowerPoint presentation that can be easily modified to meet your training needs. Please feel free to dissect it as necessary to pull out any relevant material.

Don't forget to send us a record of any training you perform. We need to show our sponsor the effectiveness of our training. We must show the number of affected workers reached by this training. This can only be accomplished through your help.

Train-the-Trainer Course Materials
PowerPoint Lecture Slides
Worker Course NOW IN SPANISH!!
Video Clips

Click on a thumbnail image to start each video clip. These are streamable Quicktime movies. Download the free Quicktime Movie Player if needed.

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