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Case 4: Industrial Hygiene Hazards at Georgia Mobile Home Manufacturers, 1990-2000

Hazard Control Recommendations

Air Contaminant Control Strategies
  • Use slitter (produces no dust) to cut large pieces of drywall instead of table saw
  • Install local exhaust ventilation and equip hand tools with local exhaust
  • Ensure proper function of existing exhaust ventilation system
  • Position exhaust hoods close to source of dust generation
  • Eliminate unnecessary bends in ducts
  • Clean ducts regularly
  • Wear appropriate respirators until controls reduce exposures
Noise Control Strategies
  • Repair leaks in compressed air lines and implement preventive maintenance
  • Install air diffuser mufflers on pneumatic tools
  • Purchase staple and nail guns which generate less noise in future
  • Purchase saw blades designed to minimize noise generation
  • Enforce the proper use of hearing protection
Other Control Strategies
  • Use mechanical lifting devices, two-person lifting, and other procedures to reduce musculoskeletal injuries
  • Install sequential fire trigger mechanisms to reduce accidental firing and resulting puncture injuries
  • Require and enforce the use of safety glasses and cut-resistant gloves
  • Implement OSHA-required programs such as respiratory protection, hearing conservation, personal protective equipment, hazard communication and fall protection