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About the Consultation Program


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The OSHA 21D Consultation Program provides a free, confidential, on-site consultation service for small companies (fewer than 250 and not more than 500 employees corporate wide) in Georgia that need assistance in occupational safety and health. Employers have the option to choose several different types of assistance. Take a close look at our SHARP program.

Limited assistance is offered to help companies comply with OSHA's rules and regulations for specific processes or areas of concern. The Georgia Tech consultation program will identify physical hazards (such as machine guarding or chemical exposures) and evaluate technical programs (such as lockout/tagout or hazard communication) within the scope requested by the company. If the company already knows the hazards, Georgia Tech can provide technical assistance on how to correct them and develop the necessary programs.

Limited service assistance can be provided in:

Full-service assistance is for companies that want help in meeting OSHA's requirements for the entire facility. The Georgia Tech consultation program will: 1) identify physical hazards throughout the facility; 2) evaluate all technical programs; and 3) review the safety and health program management. Recommendations will be made on how to correct physical hazards and improve both the technical programs and the safety and health management system.

For all types of assistance, the Georgia Tech consultant must use the same identification and classification procedures as an OSHA compliance officer would. The employer must agree beforehand to correct all hazards identified by the consultant and provide written verification of the actions taken to correct serious hazards within a reasonable time frame, usually four to six weeks.

Menu of Services

For participants in this program, Georgia Tech typically provides the following services:

Benefits to Georgia

In a typical year Georgia Tech's Safety and Health Consultation Program provides the following benefits to the employers and workers in the state of Georgia:

Types of Surveys Performed
  Hazard Survey Training Followups Total
Safety 157 39 22 218
Health 124 10 12 146
Total 281 49 34
Savings to Industry
  Serious Other Regulatory Total
Hazards Identified 2,484 1,585 73 4,142
Employees Affected 54,186 47,348 2,187 103,721
Avg OSHA Citation Fee $986 $38 $38 ---
Savings to Business $2,449,224 $60,230 $2,774 $2,512,228


Five-Year Strategic Plan Underway



The Georgia Tech Safety and Health Consultation Program has developed a five-year strategic plan to help the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) achieve its goals for reducing injuries and illnesses by 15 percent in five industries and reducing three of the most significant types of workplace injuries and illnesses by the same percentage across several industries.

The industries we will be focusing on are construction, food processing, and logging. The three injury and illness categories we will emphasize are silica, amputations, and lead. Here are some capsule descriptions of the assistance to be provided in target industry groups:

The consultation program offers free seminars, techguides, and other information to assist companies in reducing their workplace injuries and illneses. Check out the Outreach/Training section of this web site for the latest training offerings.